Write out Your "Dear God" letter, and we'll provide support if you need it.

-Matt Sassano

Trigger Warning

Some of the content on this page may trigger emotional responses that may provoke anxiety and/or PTSD.

Dear reader, I never asked for this.

I wish I could tell you that my childhood was as happy as my smile in the photo above...

...unfortunately, I was born with a disability called

Cerebral Palsy....

...later at the age of 19, I had another diagnosis called Dyscalculia...

Even though I faced some difficulties, my mother did her best to try and make sure that I had a normal childhood...

...but it was anything but "normal"

Looks can be deceiving.

On the surface, we looked the part of a family who had everything together...

...other than a secret that no one knew about.

You see, it wasn't the disabilities I had been diagnosed with that made my life a living hell...

There was a secret.

My Father was a pastor and spoke from the pulpit on Sundays, but he physically abused me at home due to my disability...

...I was often left beaten, bloodied, and feeling hopeless

The same hands that prayed for others, broke me down.

I didn't understand why out of all people my father treated me horribly...

Was my life not important to him?

Was I not good enough?

Why me...

Yet, through all of that, I knew that my story wasn't over.

And Your Story Isn't Over Either.

I want to help support you and assist with any traumatic experience that may have impacted your mental health.

I've teamed up with TheHopeLine to help offer an ear to listen and a team to support you if you need it.

If you need to chat with someone, you'll be paired with a professional who will help you deal with any conversational topic you need to let off your chest.

Music is what brought us together, but community support is what will keep us united.

If you have something on your heart, my team and I are here for you

The "My Dear God Letters" project was made for you.

I know what it's like to feel broken and alone, so it's an honor to connect with you and help you realize there are people who love you and people who can support you right where you're at.

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